The Epona International Study Centre & Equestrian Retreat

The Epona International Study Centre is a multi-disciplinary educational facility where humans, horses and other animals are supported in co-creating a new way of being, one that emphasizes authenticity, collaboration, and experimentation. The emphasis is on learning how to thrive rather than simply survive.

This centre of excellence is in the USA and is located at the historic Apache Springs Ranch in Sonoita, Arizona. It has been the dream and ultimate goal of Linda Kohanov to create a wellness retreat centre for horses and humans where professionals in various relevant disciplines could collaborate, share ideas, experiment with new training and healing modalities, learn from each other, and support each other in stretching the boundaries of animal and human conscious.

Linda is an author, speaker, riding instructor and horse trainer who has become an internationally- recognized innovator in the field of Equine Experiential Learning and a respected writer on the subject of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. Her book The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse was selected as one of the Top Ten Religion and Spirituality books of 2001 by Her second book, Riding between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential through the Way of the Horse, was published in 2003.

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Kathleen Barry Ingram, M.A.

Kathleen is a Tucson-based counsellor, lecturer and educator in the field of Equine-Facilitated Therapy and Experiential Learning, Kathleen is dedicated to helping individuals and groups move beyond limiting patterns of thought and behaviour, assisting in them in the discovery of possibilities to resolve conflict, develop competency and find peace.

Kathleen brings over 25 years of experience in the counselling field, non-profit services, and marketing and communications in the health care industry to Epona.

Kathleen and Linda began working together and creating workshops and individual intensives in 1998 and incorporating their talents and expertise to develop an innovative and creative healing modality employing the horses as equal partners.

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